Out of Axle Hubs?!

You were just building your robot and you ran out of axle hubs! This is a big problem. Follow the steps below to fix this.

  1. Do you know what an axle hub is?
    1. Yes, move onto step 2.
    2. No, Axle hubs allow you to mount other items such as gears straight to an axle. This is what they look like:

  1. Do you know what an axle collar is?
    1. Yes, move to step 3.
    2. No, an axle collar is used to hold an axle in place of an axle hub. Here is an example:
  2. Replace some of your axle hubs that don’t have anything screwed into it, with an axle collar.

I hope, this article helped you and you are on your way to making a great robot!

Have Fun.

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