Team 6450 JAGBOTS Summer Camp – Day 5

Today was the final day of the robotics summer camp. we started off the day with having the students type their entries that they wrote into the engineering notebook on google docs. after they finished with the last engineering course class, we had students call two organizations to set up outreach and  Continue reading “Team 6450 JAGBOTS Summer Camp – Day 5”

Team 6450 JAGBOTS Summer Camp Day 4

Thursday was the second to last day of robotics and we started the students out with an entry about the following day and what they have learned.
Once they have written their entries we started out with our engineering notebook class and we taught the student quick and easy tips to type in the engineering notebook. Continue reading “Team 6450 JAGBOTS Summer Camp Day 4”

Team 6450 JAGBOTS Summer Camp Day 3

June 14th was the third day of the summer camp. During the daily overview we worked on our engineering notebook entries. In engineering notebook class we learned how to design an engineering notebook, we learned how the colors of the notebook should be the team colors too.
Continue reading “Team 6450 JAGBOTS Summer Camp Day 3”

I have been on Team 6450 JAGBOTS for three years. I am the manager of community services but previously was the manager of 3D modeling. I hope we are very successful next season.

Summer Camp Setup

We gathered in order to rearrange the room. Now that robotics will have our own room, we had to remove all of the equipment for the POE class. We also had to transport all of the Lego robotics materials to the room. Continue reading “Summer Camp Setup”

I am the Engineering Director for our team (I am in charge of the Engineering and the Controls departments.). I have been in robotics for 6 years coming up on 7. 3 of which were Lego robotics of those 3, two were FLL, and the other was sumo-bots. I am a Junior in school, and plan on majoring in Robotic engineering at MIT. I would like to minor in Aerospace engineering.