Ynott? Health Fair, June ’17

Horizon Science Academy Toledo Robotics Team 6450 JAGBOTS continue to do outreach event to reach out as many people as we can. We love to show how much important is robotics to daily life to everyone… not just to adults, or high school students, but also kids who have no idea what robotics is. We want everyone to experience it! So, here is what we have done on June 2, 2017.

Before the pics, following is a brief info about Ynott? Foundation:

The Ynott? Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support patients, increasing awareness about the need for organ and tissue donation, and promoting health prevention and wellness in the community. We, as a school, teamed up with Ynott? and raised money to increase the awareness.

Ynott Health Fair, 6/2/17

FTC 6450 is an FTC team consisting of 9 members. Throughout this journey, we have accomplished to advance to the Indiana State Championship (’16-17). We have won a lot of awards. For the season of ’17-’18, our goal is to advance to Super Regionals.

Wish us luck!

Members of Team 6450 JAGBOTS!

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