Programming Workshop

Are you a rookie team who needs help with their programming skills? Or even a veteran team looking for new outlooks on programming. If so, have we got an opportunity for you. We are hosting a programming workshop. If your team would like to join, contact us. There is more Information in the above flyer.

Ynott? Health Fair, June ’17

Horizon Science Academy Toledo Robotics Team 6450 JAGBOTS continue to do outreach event to reach out as many people as we can. We love to show how much important is robotics to daily life to everyone… not just to adults, or high school students, but also kids who have no idea what robotics is. We want everyone to experience it! So, here is what we have done on June 2, 2017. Continue reading “Ynott? Health Fair, June ’17”

HSAT Family Fun Day, June ’17

On June 3, we had a family fun day at our school, Horizon Science Academy Toledo. We reached out to hundreds of people including lots of kids who want to learn more about robotics. We showcased our robot and explained what we have done throughout our journey. Here are some pics from the event: Continue reading “HSAT Family Fun Day, June ’17”